How Relevant is Your PPC Landing Page?

3 Quick Wins to Make Your Landing Page Experience More Relevant

A practical landing page is vital for all PPC strategies. You must make sure that a landing page accommodates the customer’s expectations and is effective enough to convert clicks into conversions.
One of the key factors of maintaining a PPC ad campaign is a relevant landing page connected to your ad. Since landing pages are usually the initial touch point a potential customer has with your brand, it’s important to develop a strong first impression and provide an influential experience. Landing pages are the greatest way to achieve that.

1. On Your Landing Pages and Ads, Keep Your Message Brief, Yet Consistent

You’ll often see ads that promote different things than their landing pages do – this is less than ideal. When running an AdWords campaign, ensure your promotion is consistent during your whole advertising process. This is known as “message matching“.

If you are offering a free trial on your PPC ad, your landing page should be offering the same thing. If your PPC ad is promoting a white paper, the landing page shouldn’t be any different. The wording in the ad and the landing page should also be quite similar.

We conducted a very basic Google search for the key phrase “Australian health insurance.” In this instance, Medibank Health Insurance provides a brief, easy to understand and consistent message in both their landing page and PPC ad. The consistent themes are “Health Insurance Cover Options‎” and “Family Cover”.

You’ll see the extension links to “Get A Quick Quote Today” in the PPC ad, as well as “$200 Gift Card”. You see similar words on the landing page, “Want a $100 gift card?” for individuals, and “Want a $200 gift card?” for couples and families, followed by the CTA: “Get a Quote”.

Sydney ppc landing page for health insurance
Sydney PPC Landing Page for Medibank

Bupa Health Insurance executes this well in both their landing page and PPC ad. Their primary keyword, “Ambulance Cover,” is displayed in the landing page copy, as well as the ad.

ppc ad landing page Sydney Bupa

Sydney pay per click Bupa page


Your landing page CTA should also be brief and associated with your promotion.
It’s vital that you put plenty of effort and time into developing a proper landing page to ensure your CTA is simple to identify and effective enough to convert.

Easy Methods to Enhance the CTA of Your Landing Page:

  • Position your CTA in an area where visitors won’t miss it (above fold).
  • Creating CTA button with a contrasting color.

2. Use Encouraging and Unique Content on All Your Landing Pages


No one wants to see the same content on each landing page you have. Instead of posting the same content on all your landing pages, produce unique content for each of them. Ensure your content is original and corresponds to the ad.


If you’re managing your PPC campaigns properly, you’re routing potential customers to a landing page, since those singular pages are developed to create leads from paid ad clicks.
Communicate with your visitors using a friendly approach. It is vital to use a non-threatening tone in both your landing page copy and PPC ad. Be mindful that they should be relevant to one another, so use an identical tone for both. When writing copy for them, think about how you would speak to someone from your target market face to face, rather than digitally. Doing so can encourage good copy and make you sound more organic while simplifying the engagement process for potential customers.

Use bullet points, numbers, and other forms of content that matter to people, even if they don’t know it. Those who click on AdWords ads for are doing so because they think you will provide what they’re looking for. These people don’t have the patience to go through long-winded text. They want to scan your wording for the keywords they’re looking for. If you communicate your message with brevity, you won’t scare potential customers away, buying you more time to convert them.

3. Immediately Explain to Visitors What Makes Your Product/Service So Unique

Do you promote a free trial without a credit card requirement? Specify this in your landing page copy, as well as your ad. Did your business rank best-in-class for whatever you specialize in? Promote that on our landing page and ad copy, too.

The following instances highlight the search results for the key phrase “criminal lawyers Melbourne“:


There are some negative and positive characteristics, as you can see. Farrelly Legal’s and James Dowsley & Associates’ ads are alluring since both promote enticing features (example: “First Appointment is Free”). This is a big positive. However, when you click those ads, you are directed to each company’s respective homepage, rather than landing pages. This is a big negative.

In Closing

Ensuring that your PPC ad and your landing page have matching messages is vital in the world of digital marketing. It’s one of the simplest actions to take in order to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates. This is due to the strong first impression you develop that encourages people to take the next step. Implementing the above suggestions for your own landing page and PPC ad creation will set your campaign on a prosperous path.

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