The Definitive Programmatic Guide for PPC Managers

Programmatic Advertising is the most highly recognized but misunderstood term that is used in the industry today. It is a sector that is growing rapidly, and shows no sign of slowing down. According to MediaMath, programmatic is expected to outspend paid search in 2017, while 72% of all display ads are also expected to be bought programmatically.


The way in which brands and advertisers reach the masses is changing, and programmatic is the primary driving force behind it. Instead of utilizing one brand message to a broad, not necessarily specific audience, brands can now tailor their messaging, at scale, to nurture customer relationships on a 1:1 basis. Programmatic technology allows advertisers to take everything that they know about their customers and potential customers and deliver a unique experience at each stage in the consumer journey.


Do you believe that programmatic could be a super important part of your strategy yet? Account Manager Bryan Gaynor has poured all of his expertise into this whitepaper so that programmatic advertising can help you succeed.


This whitepaper will discuss valuable Programmatic tips such as:

  • How programmatic is different than the GDN
  • How to successfully test programmatic
  • What lies ahead for programmatic



Get the guide



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