Making Money From Wholesale Selling on Amazon

There’s not so much information to be found on the internet about Wholesale Selling on Amazon. The interesting stuff that you do tend to find is debate over whether or not wholesale on Amazon is a profitable business venture. The main questions I hear on the topic include: How does it work? How is it different to the private label model? Can you build a profitable business with wholesale on Amazon? How do you identify products with wholesale potential? What do you do when you find those products? This post is going to explore the above questions in detail, ultimately to highlight that with the correct research and preparation, wholesale selling on Amazon is still a viable business option. Webinar Back in September 2016 we hosted a really insightful webinar with wholesale expert Dan Meadors from The Wholesale Formula. If you have some time (1 hour and 12 minutes of it), you can watch the replay here. I wanted to retrospectively share the key points Dan made as well as my own learnings and thoughts on the subject here in this post.   Wholesale on Amazon – How does it work? Selling wholesale on Amazon is a model which means … Read More

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