How To Build A Business With Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Imagine a business model that requires virtually no inventory or startup capital, which partners with the biggest internet retailer in the world. It can be conducted from anywhere in the world, and generates cash flow around the clock, into perpetuity. It sounds pretty amazing, and it exists: it is called the Amazon Associates program.  It is a referral program where you advertise and market any products on Amazon, and get a commission of 4-10% on any sale that generate for Amazon.    How Does The Business Model Work? In order to generate website traffic that you refer to Amazon, you need to have a website. Yes, that much is obvious. But more specifically you want to choose a website and topic that is highly targeted around one particular niche that you will write about, in-depth, to establish authority around your particular niche. The content could be in the form of informational overviews, product reviews, product comparisons, videos, podcasts, and much more.   Enter Dom & Human Proof Designs To learn more about the topic of Amazon affiliates, we had Dom Wells of Human Proof Designs join us for a value-packed session on how to find, validate, and launch an Amazon-focused niche … Read More

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