Amazon Product Packaging and Product Inserts: Best Practice Guide

Product packaging and inserts are so important. But with so many things to think about as an Amazon FBA or private label seller, it can often be pushed to the back of our minds. I want to introduce Erick Rodriguez, who is going to be sharing his best practice and top tips for Amazon sellers. I was really impressed with Erick’s entrepreneurial mindset. As a recent college graduate he leaped straight into launching his own business. Due to his expertise in this product photography & design, he is well equipped to give us some top tips. P.S. speaking of College, did you know we are now running a Scholarship Initiative for American Scholars? You can find out more about it here, and support it by buying a JS T-Shirt on Amazon.  Take it away Erick!    Many Amazon sellers may not realize the benefit of investing in high-quality product packaging and product inserts. But in this article, we’ll cover the numerous benefits, which will result in more sales, happy customers, and fewer in-authenticity claims.   What Will You Learn? How product packaging will assist you in: Getting brand registry Increasing click-through rate Expanding to new sales channels Reducing in-authenticity claims … Read More

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