What PPC Problem Are You Fighting?

35% more content (First Round) will be created in 2017 than 2016, and we’re already choking. Annually, Hanapin creates ~425 pieces of content on Paid Search, Paid Social, Conversion Rate Optimization, Shopping, and Display. Multiply that by the more than 10,000 digital agencies in the US (Statista & AAAA), and assume they aren’t all creating as much as we are, and you get to a number of pieces in the 1-5 million range. Of course, not only agencies create content…


What we think matters to you is finding information relevant to a problem you are fighting right now or gaining insight that helps you do your job better in the future. We try to do that in our writing, videos, and webinars, and we will continue to get better at it. But hard as we try, we can’t guess what you’re fighting today, so we won’t always be relevant for you.


As President of Hanapin Marketing, PPC Hero, and Hero Conf, my goal is to give the smartest, most engaged, and busiest PPCers the right resources for them. And this can’t be done at scale because y’all are at different stages of your careers and tackling different problems. So…


If you have a PPC problem you’re trying to solve or an insight you’re chasing, please let me know and I’ll send you a curated list of 5-10 excellent resources. Just email jeff.allen@hanapinmarketing.com.


Emailing me will not add you to any mailing lists, etc. You’ll just get my response and are welcome to use my email address for the same purpose in the future. I will respond to emails as quickly as I can. What “quickly as I can” means depends on how many of you respond. If it’s 50-100, I’ll respond in 48 hours. If it’s 500-1000, I’ll respond within 1-2 weeks. I hope it’s 500-1,000.


The curated list will not be just PPC Hero or Hanapin articles. It may be a competitor. And if I can’t find something good, I’m going to do my best to connect you with a thought leader in the space (permission based on both sides). I’m fortunate enough to have connected with some brilliant people, and I won’t be shy about asking them if they’d be willing to help you out.


If you want a curated PPC reading list, email me right now. You’re going to forget to do it if you add it to your to-do list and this post will be deleted in 5 days. Based on the response rate, we may find a way to do this ongoing, and on an even larger scale.


What’s In It For Us?


1) A rising tide raises all ships. The PPC industry is amazing because we help each other. I’ve never seen a group of competitors work so hard to find each other answers and share experiences.


2) Knowing what problems are on people’s minds will help us write better content that addresses trends.


3) In the long run, a strong community of folks engaged with PPC Hero will lead to a larger, and continuously more fun, Hero Conf.


4) Helping people energizes me. To win at the business problems I work on all day, I need all the energy I can get!

Source: http://www.ppchero.com/what-ppc-problem-are-you-fighting/


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