The Million Dollar Case Study: How To Find Amazon Product Ideas

They say that success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. This statement certainly applies to the success of Jungle Stix–simple bamboo marshmallow roasting sticks. Who would have thought in December 2015 when we launched the product on Amazon as the product in the Collaborative Launch that the product would sell nearly $200k in just the first year? Greg Mercer did (though I think even he was pleasantly surprised by the volume of sales). But if there is one person who would try to outperform an already impressive accomplishment, it’s Greg. And of course he runs with a bit of swagger: one million dollars, to be precise! Today Greg launched his Million Dollar Case Study: a step-by-step study in generating a million dollars in selling physical products. We will share every detail, financial figure, and strategy on our path to hitting seven figures. This makes for a medley of excitement, inspiration, and education. So let’s get to it and review the first session of The Million Dollar Case Study! Webinar Replay & Slides Without further delay, here is the action-packed hour that we just covered to find some potential ideas for our Million Dollar product:   … Read More

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