The Million Dollar Case Study: Session #2 Recap: Advanced Product Research

Can you tell me a product idea that has great demand, low competition, and will offer solid profit margins to sell about, oh, a million dollars in revenue? That’s been the riddle that we’ve been addressing in Jungle Scout’s Million Dollar Case Study for the past week. And as of now, we have solved the challenge (maybe). We now have a solid product idea for our journey to a million dollars! And the winning product is…   So we don’t necessarily have one idea, but two at the moment. It’s kinda like the Oscars “Envelopegate” debacle of this year, you definitely have to see how it happened. So here it is, the full replay of our second product research session where we actually chose the product:   And here are the accompanying slides:   Additional Product Research Methods Greg started the session with a review of the product research criteria and the process we followed in Session 1. We also explored a few additional product research methods that we touched on in Session 1. Here are a few of the strategies, and how to utilize them.   Strategy #1: That Crappy Product Sells Like Hotcakes?! The strategy here is to find products … Read More

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