The Million Dollar Case Study Session #7: Branding and Package Design

Now this is where the rubber meets the road in the Million Dollar Case Study. The deposit has been placed, and the wheels are in motion for the Jungle Scout baby towels! It will be 30 days for the production run to be complete of the initial 500 units. How will we market these towels, to stand out from the existing competitors on the market? That is exactly the topic of Session #7 of the Case Study—branding and package design. But first, what is the name of the brand? It is still to be determined, so please drop some suggestions in the comments section below! Here is the video replay of the webinar: And the accompanying slides, which have a lot of valuable information for how to package your product in a cost-effective and streamlined manner:   Packaging Requirements The most important part of the packaging is to figure out what the requirements are, and adhere to those. That refers to both governmental or regulatory requirements, as well as Amazon requirements. Here are the requirements that you need to include: Barcode Country of Origin (ie made in China) Brand Name (for the Amazon brand registry) Potentially other certifications or guidelines, … Read More

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