4 Vital Strategies to Boost Enrollment for your Online Education Programs

Attention all education marketers! We know you’re always looking for more creative and effective ways to boost your online program enrollments, and PPC is a fantastic way to do so. Our experts have put together these 4 strategies and tips to help you optimize your programs, nurture leads well and increase the quality and quantity of your enrollments. Do you only have a limited amount of space? This webinar is still made for you. We’ll help you balance your budgeting and overcome the obstacle of dealing with that enrollment cap.


In this new live webinar, Hanapin experts Jacob Brown and Tanner Schroeder will walk you through vital tips you need in order to optimize your online education programs and rest easy knowing that your enrollment numbers are where you want them to be.


You’ll get expert PPC tips like:

  • How to balance ad copy and landing pages to target the right audience and increase conversion rate
  • How to nurture leads well in order to help them move smoothly down the funnel
  • Optimizing based on leads, and budgeting based on enrollments


Presented by:



     Jacob Brown                      Tanner Schroeder



Source: http://www.ppchero.com/4-vital-strategies-to-boost-enrollment-for-your-online-education-programs/


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