The Canton Fair: An Amazon Seller’s Dream

Whew, that was a whirlwind tour of the Canton Fair. It was an incredible experience, so glad that I did it, and with all first-time experiences, some room for improvement the next go-round (which I do plan to do in October!). But first, because I like video, I wanted to share some of the images, video, and takeaways from my trip:   So let’s get right down to it.   Why I Went To The Canton Fair Besides doing the video production for Jungle Scout, and helping with Jungle Scout and Amazon live training webinars, I am an Amazon seller. I have a few products currently doing quite well, and work alongside my wife Jess to continue growing our brands. So it seemed like a no-brainer as we are traveling throughout Asia to make a quick pit stop at the Canton Fair. And by “quick”, I mean about 48 hours. Regardless of what products I found, or suppliers I met, I was just happy to get to Canton and take it all in. But once you get into the building, and the frenzy and excitement take over, you just want more more more…   The Necessary Preparation Like I said, … Read More

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