The Million Dollar Case Study Session #12: Amazon Product Launch Strategies

Session 12 of the Million Dollar Case Study was laced with excitement and anticipation. The pieces are quickly (or slowly, if you’re as excited as us) coming together to launch. We started the session with a sneak peek at the production of the hooded baby towels. They are looking great, and I can personally attest to the fact that they are incredibly soft and luxurious. I may or may not have even tried using it myself as a test 😉 Here are some of the pics that the supplier sent Greg:     Another update is that the manufacturing is running slightly behind schedule. Greg was smart to include a clause in the purchase order agreement to get a 5% discount for every 7 days the production is delayed. You can get a copy of the agreement used for Jungle Stix here (it’s the same template he used for the baby towel), with the relevant details modified. Here is the complete webinar replay: And the slides:   So what does it take to launch a successful product on Amazon these days? When launching, our biggest goal is to rank for primary keywords relevant to our product. We covered this in Session #11 … Read More

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