Bing Ads Expanded Device Targeting Just Got Better

Late last year, Bing Ads announced an update to device targeting by adding desktop as a new option, broadening bid modifier ranges, and allowing complete opt-out for tablet. Those big changes were rolled out global to everyone just in time to finish out the holiday season. We all know with the magnitude of changes that some slip by. Have you been taking advantage of the changes? If not, it’s time to start. It’s already time for a new update to take over, more on that later.


Expanded Device Targeting


The ability to target customers based on their device of choice is an important part of a successful campaign in Bing Ads. Therefore, with Expanded Device Targeting, advertisers can reap the following benefits:
Gain more control in setting bids by device.


By having desktop (includes laptop computers) as a new device option, advertisers can set individual bid modifiers for each device type (desktop, tablet, and smartphones).


Expanded device targeting


Use broader bid modifier ranges.


With the expanded ranges, advertisers can tailor campaigns by device to improve your ROI.


Tailor campaigns by device


Exclude underperforming devices.


Advertisers can completely opt out (set to -100%) from displaying ads on tablet, in addition to the already available opt out on mobile devices. This feature is available through all endpoints: Bing Ads Web Interface (including Google Import), Bing Ads Editor (Mac and Windows), and Bing Ads API.


Since the preceding updates have rolled out, Bing Ads has received feedback to incorporate an easy set up for mobile-only campaigns and this week, Bing Ads announced an updated desktop bid adjustment to meet this need.


So What’s New?


Advertisers can completely opt out (set to -100%) from displaying ads on desktop. The new range for desktop is now in-line with the rest of the devices at -100% to + 900%.


New bid adjustments


This new feature will also be available through all endpoints: Bing Ads Web InterfaceBing Ads Editor, and Bing Ads API.


When can you start implementing it in your account?


As part of the global rollout, some customers will start seeing the new desktop bid adjustment now, and all customers will have this new feature within the next few weeks.


NOTE: Advertisers can leverage “Import from Google AdWords” for their device bid adjustments going forward since Bing Ads will have the same values as AdWords.



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