The Million Dollar Case Study Session #18: Time Management & Productivity Hacks

A few months ago, we surveyed several thousand Amazon sellers to learn more about their businesses and ambitions. When asked about the struggles they faced in launching and growing an Amazon business, there were three responses that were most commonly given: Not enough time Not enough money No educational resources While we have yet to source a supplier of more time on Alibaba, we can at least find ways to maximize our use of the 24 hours a day we do have. In Session 18, we dig in to some productivity and time management tips and tools that we find most helpful to manage all that we have to cram into any given day. How you can do more with the time you have to build the best business possible, regardless of how much time that you have? We will offer some tools and ideas to help you get there! Here is a recap of the webinar: And the slides:   Jungle Snugs Updates – Lifestyle photos are here Before we get into the meat of the presentation, let’s get some updates on Jungle Snugs. We now have some cute lifestyle photos to use:   The lack of high quality … Read More

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