The Million Dollar Case Study Session #19: Optimizing Pay Per Click Campaigns

Amazon pay per click is a topic that definitely deserved at least two sessions in our Million Dollar Case Study. It’s one of the most talked about Amazon marketing strategies, and rightly so, as it provides a simple and, if set up correctly, cost effective way to get your products in front of more shoppers. This session is the second PPC installment of this case study, to give you some advanced tips and tricks on optimizing your Amazon PPC campaigns… but not before we update you about our product, Jungle Snugs. Jungle Snugs Product Listing Updates We know you guys are at the edge of your seats each week to know how our Jungle Snugs product is progressing. This week Greg had lots more updates to share: We got new images from and also did some additional design work to all of our images, which are looking great: There are a bunch of talented photographers on the Jungle Scout team, so we had some extra photos taken by Maryna, here’s a really cute one that we’re using on the listings: We also created a new competitive matrix to show how Jungle Snugs fares against the competition which looks really neat: … Read More

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