The Million Dollar Case Study Session #20: Amazon Marketing Services Part 1/2

Imagine this: you are selling your private label product, and right before you are about to grasp your customer’s outstretched hand of money, a better offer appears… “Are you sure you want that product?” Here is an offering that is higher quality, more affordable, and just better. You’re like WTF?! If you are able to master Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), this is a scenario that you can replicate time and again in a variety of targeting methods. You can literally tempt your competitor’s customers to purchase your product instead. Sounds pretty cool, right? Today we are going to review Amazon Marketing Services, a pay per click Amazon platform in which you can get your product in front of the relevant visitor, based on keywords, products, or even shopper interest and category. Here is the video replay–this session is particularly helpful to watch, as Greg demonstrates an over-the-shoulder demo of creating an AMS account and initial campaigns: And here are the slides:   Amazon Marketing Services: How To Qualify AMS is accessible to anyone in the Vendor Express program. Vendor Express is a program in which manufacturers sell products directly to Amazon, and Amazon becomes the seller (you know those products that … Read More

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