The Million Dollar Case Study Session #22: Amazon Inventory Management

Predict the unpredictable. This is the impossible task that Amazon sellers, and frankly retailers since the beginning of time, have had to do to maximize their potential profits. However, if you are an Amazon seller and find yourself with a dreaded Out Of Stock note on your product detail page, the consequences are costly, and painful: a plummeting Best Seller Rank, evaporating organic sales, and most importantly, lost profits. The solution to this challenge lies in inventory management. And there is no better person to learn the topic from than Jeremy Biron, Founder of, and an Amazon seller for the better part of a decade. In this session, Jeremy takes us deep into the topic of inventory management, to learn how to forecast demand, management inventory, and maintain a healthy cash flow. Here is a full recap of the webinar: And here are the slides for reference: The crux of good inventory management is that it helps you manage cash flow effectively. With an Amazon business, a lot of capital can be tied up in the beginning, as you invest in purchasing inventory to sell. Proper inventory management allows you to find that balance of stocking the right amount … Read More

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