The Million Dollar Case Study: Europe – Session #17: Amazon Seller Analytics

Whilst I was working behind the scenes battling with getting our Europe Amazon Seller Central account approved, organizing shipping, VAT registration and other details, we decided to run a session on Amazon seller analytics. This is something that you will need to get a handle on as soon as your inventory lands and you start making sales. An efficient business always stays on top of it’s important financial metrics. It’s the only way to fully understand the health of your business, and identify areas of improvement or growth. So in this session we had Shane Stinemetz, Director of Fetcher join Greg and myself, to explain how to calculate your Amazon business profit and loss. Jungle Slumber Updates Transparency is key for this case study so here’s some of the latest updates about the launch of my first product, Jungle Slumber sleeping bags. As I mentioned in previous sessions, it took several weeks to get our new Europe Seller Central account verified. There wasn’t anything wrong in particular, they just kept asking for more information, which we provided, and it took them a long time to process things. Again – it’s always best to sign up for things like Seller Central, … Read More

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