DIY Lifestyle Product Photography For Ecommerce Sellers

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, whether you sell on Amazon or any other platform, something you will definitely need is good product photography. There are two main types of photography: studio lit product photography, and lifestyle product photography. The problem for small businesses is that the costs to hire a professional can soon add up. Now, of course the best option would be to pay a pro to take some kick-ass photos of your products. But sometimes this isn’t financially viable, there isn’t enough time, or maybe you just need a few extra images to highlight a product update, or to split test which images bring in the most sales. I previously wrote a post about taking your own product photography on a white background using nothing but a smartphone and a few household items. Sellers got in touch and said this was useful, but what comes at the highest cost is usually the lifestyle photography. These are the images showing a product in use with a model, in a specific location, or using some props. Since I have been appearing on the Million Dollar Case Study: Europe, and launching my own product, I have been thinking it was time to … Read More

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