The Million Dollar Case Study: Europe – Session #18: Scaling An Amazon Business

I am really excited to write about this session because it was insightful and aspirational. The number one topic on most sellers minds after they have successfully launched and started making sales is, “how do I scale?”. This is already on my mind, and my Jungle Slumber sleeping bags haven’t even hit the UK warehouse yet 😉 What really fascinates me is that every seller has their own story. I’ve met a few fellow sellers on forums and living here in Bali over the past few months, and they all have a different backstory. Some started their FBA business whilst chasing freedom and location independence. Others are influencers within a niche and looking for ways to diversify their business by selling related products on Amazon. Similarly, every seller has different ambitions. Some want to grow their SKUs and profits on Amazon alone, whilst others want to grow brand awareness and eventually branch out into their own ecommerce store (or vice versa). What ever your story is, what ever your ambitions are, Amazon is still a growing opportunity and scaling your business is a certain way to maintain success for the future of your business. For this session, we invited Alex Champagne … Read More

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