How Do You Search Online? (Survey)

Searching online is an everyday practice. Where is search headed?

If we could pause our online searching use right now, what would that usage look like? That is where you come in…

If you have 3 minutes, we invite you to take part in our Global Search Behavior Survey (oooh, fancy). We want to better understand you and how you search online. Our industry benchmarks and research are powered by you, our PPC heroes!

We plan to create a snazzy data visualization piece with your responses and we hope it gives everyone an insightful glimpse into the mindset of the global marketer searching online today.

We hope you enjoy taking the survey (we made it easy and fun). Receiving your insight and feedback really matters to us, thank you so much for your time!

p.s. One lucky participant will receive a super soft, super awesome, PPC nerd t-shirt for taking our survey. (get excited!)


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