Amazon Restricted Categories: Your 2018 Guide to Getting Ungated

Maybe this situation sounds familiar. You’ve sourced an awesome product on Amazon (using Jungle Scout, of course), know that it’d be totally killer and make you a ton of sales and super-duper rich, but lo-and-behold you can’t sell it because of Amazon restricted categories. Sad trombone! Of course, there’s plenty of sellers who operate in Amazon restricted categories. They’re selling thousands of dollars worth of of protein powders, wedding rings, watches, and fine art monthly. “How’d those turkeys get to sell that stuff?” you curse, shaking your fist at your Amazon seller central screen. Sighing, you go back to looking at kitchen products, toys, sports and outdoors and the other “ungated” categories. What Are the Amazon Restricted Categories? As of this writing, there are 18(ish) Amazon restricted categories in the US market. They are: Automotive and Powersports Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, and Luggage Collectible Books Collectible Coins Entertainment Collectibles Fine Art Fine Jewelry Gift Cards Grocery and Gourmet Foods Kindle Accessories Major Appliances Sexual Wellness Sports Collectibles Textbook Rentals Toys & Games (Holiday Guidelines) Video, DVD, and Blu-ray Watches Wine Why Do Amazon Restricted Categories Exist? Understand Amazon’s Point-of-View Every single requirements page for the Amazon restricted categories reads the same: … Read More

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