Amazon Fees: How They Work and The Upcoming Changes (2018)

We love selling on Amazon (duh). I mean, what’s better than access to billions of shoppers monthly? Of course, that service comes with a price. Not a crazy one! But a price nonetheless. Amazon fees are what makes the entire FBA process viable for Amazon. And frankly, what little they take is worth it. Here’s a break down of the Amazon fees and what to expect. At the end of this article, I will also cover all the changes to Amazon fees and how they could affect you. Amazon Fees: The Basics There are four kinds of Amazon FBA fees that come with selling by Amazon’s Fulfilled-by-Amazon network, plus the optional subscription: Fulfillment fees. This is the cost to pick, pack, and ship your product and is a flat cost based on the size and weight of your product. Prices change depending on what season it is. You can learn more about those fees by clicking here. Professional seller subscription (optional). If you choose to be a professional seller, something I recommend if you plan on selling 40 or more items at Amazon, then there is a $39.99 monthly subscription fee that you must pay. As a professional seller, you will … Read More

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