MLM vs Private Label (What’s a Better Way to Make Money?)

Bloop! There goes Facebook messenger. Who’s it from? An old friend from my table-waiting days, Carl. Pretty randomly, I might add, since I probably haven’t spoken to Carl since ’07 or ’08. I half expect the message to be one of those goofy chain letters or an animated gif he found amusing, but no, it’s something quite different. Carl wants to teach me how to make money from home. “Hey, Dave. What are you up to these days? :)” “Hey Carl, not much. Have a couple businesses going and a blog or two. You?” “I just got into something pretty big, actually, that I’m excited to tell you about.” “Let me guess: bitcoin?” “lol… no, actually it’s even better than that. Let me ask you this: what if I told you that I could teach you how to make money from home?” “… oh.” From there, Carl went into a spiel about a new, top-of-the-line weight loss shake powder he was selling. Of course, it wasn’t the powder that he was trying to sell me, per se, but the job of selling the powder itself to other people. After about 20 minutes of this, I wished Carl actually was pitching cryptocurrencies … Read More

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