The Cost to Sell on Amazon & Fundraising (Genius Series Episode 05)

By now, you’ve probably got a great product picked out. It’s something that meets all the metrics of a great product, plus it’s potentially something that you’ll love. However, it’s about time we addressed the elephant in the room: what does it cost to sell on Amazon? In this article, I’m going to tackle what sort of costs you can expect selling on Amazon, plus some methods to raise funds for your first product (if you don’t already have the requisite funds lying around, that is). Part 1: What Does It Cost to Sell on Amazon? Let’s say you’ve discovered the perfect product. Jungle Scout tells you that this product is an opportunity 8 product with low competition selling an average of 300 units per month. Let’s take a look at your costs broken down by category. I. Research Costs You could always do things the old-fashioned way with a spreadsheet, but as you can probably guess, the best way to do Amazon product research is through using Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension and Web App with our proprietary Accusales™ technology. Long before I started writing for Jungle Scout, I was a user of the technology. It’s helped me save countless … Read More

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