Elon Musk: Entrepreneur, Inventor… and Amazon Seller?

Good business ideas aren’t super rare. After all, we’ve probably all come up with something that we think there’d be a market for. Maybe you’ve invented a kitchen knife with two handles. Or you created a card game that’s like Apples to Apples with dirty jokes. But how often does an entrepreneur put an actual car into space to draw attention to their brands? If you haven’t already heard, Tesla, in conjunction with SpaceX, put a Tesla Roadster into space with the launch of SpaceX’s new Falcon Super Heavy rocket. And that’s because Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX’s founder, is a mad man. And a genius. Good Business Ideas We Can Learn from Elon Musk To say that Elon Musk has good business ideas would be an understatement. The man has brilliant business ideas. World-changing ideas. And some of those, of course, are far above and beyond what the typical entrepreneur like you and I are capable of doing. The Tesla Roadster alone costs $200,000. And, oh yeah… the Falcon Heavy Rocket runs for about $90 million. (And to think, some people scoff at giving away promotional products at 90% on Jump Send!) But it’s Elon’s willingness to go big … Read More

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