Amazon Product Marketing 101 (Genius Series Episode 07)

Finding a great product and sourcing it is just half the battle on Amazon. Once your product is live (and even way before then), you’ve got to start marketing on Amazon as well as off it to increase your sales. In this second portion of the Genius Series, we’ll cover the basics of marketing on Amazon and the things you need to know to sell more products.   What is Marketing on Amazon? Marketing on Amazon is the the action of promoting and selling your Amazon private label products. This includes market research and advertising. For an Amazon product, you have multiple ways to market your Amazon product both on and off Amazon before and after launch. These ways include (but are not limited to) branding, positioning, product research/development, crowdfunding, social media, influencers, effective sales practices, Amazon PPC, Amazon promotions, product reviews, email lists, and upsells. Over the next month, this series will cover many of those aforementioned elements.   A Bad Review of The Genius Series Not too long ago, a user sent in this comment: “Very disappointed, the same information over and over; and lack of in depth of information . I was expecting more from GS.” Personally, I … Read More

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