70 Best Entrepreneur Books to Read in 2018

I’m a big reader. Huge in fact. When I came on board with Jungle Scout, this was a well-known fact. I knew joining the content team, that eventually I’d have to write something about the best entrepreneur books for entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers. Because that’s what happens when you’re a voracious reader and Amazon seller and write for Jungle Scout! This “Best entrepreneur books for Amazon sellers” guide has been put together with the Amazon seller in mind, but really, these books are useful for any entrepreneur.   70 Best Entrepreneur Books for Amazon Sellers Coming up with a list of books is never easy, of course. On my Instagram page, plenty ask, “Hey, Dave! What should I read?” Problem is, I don’t know what they’ve read or where they’re at in the cycle. So I have to ask, like a billion questions. When writing this blog post, I had similar issues. However, unlike my Instagram account, there was no way for me to ask you, the reader, which books you’d already read. Therefore, it made sense just to list as many books as I could on as many important subjects as possible and then put them in order by … Read More

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