Get Money Selling Products and Services on Amazon

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone who’s just looking for a new way to get money, the internet, and Amazon particularly, offers lots of neat ways to make money. Here at Jungle Scout, it’s a well known fact that we’re fans of Amazon. And for our “money” (no pun intended), we think Amazon offers not just one or two ways to get money, but we can actually count 25 legitimate ways to get money using just Amazon. This list doesn’t only include our favorite method of making money with Amazon, which is private label. It also shows how that anyone, no matter what your skill set might be, can get money using Amazon. Of course, if you’re interested in learning more about private label with Amazon, click the button below.   Sell branded products on Amazon. 1 – Sell used books on Amazon. For someone just starting out on Amazon who wants to sell physical products, selling used books is a great way to start. The first, most popular way, is to go to sales and scan used books with your cell phone. Most of these “book-scanner” folks will have an app on their … Read More

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