Million Dollar Case Study: Europe – Session #20 – UK Product Launch Results

Welcome back to the Million Dollar Case Study: Europe. It’s been a few months since we last updated you on the progress of our public product launch in the UK marketplace. Spoiler alert: the launch went well. Keep reading to find out how we expanded our Amazon FBA business in Europe with great success. If you missed it you can catch the full replay here:    The results of our UK launch ✅ Greg and I wanted to share the progress of the UK launch, how the other products are doing, and what our plans are to keep moving our public Amazon business towards the $1 million revenue figure. The Jungle Slumber sleeping bags are shifting some serious units on the UK Amazon store. In fact, we were even quite surprised to see such fast growth in the first two months. Jungle Slumber Launch Figures: We launched on the 23rd January 2018 and these figures were taken on the 26th March: Sold a total of 674 units Generating $17.5k in revenue We are just about to “break even” Returns rate is less than 2% 24 reviews and counting Sales Taking a look at the sales overview in Fetcher, you can see … Read More

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