It’s Not Game Over: How Programmatic Can Nurture Lead Gen Wins

When you look at your funnel, what do you see? It might be brimming over the edge with prospects, but do they engage with your brand? What strategies are you using to nurture those leads and help them become a qualified lead and ultimately a customer? Have you exhausted all your resources? It might be time to give programmatic a try.

Programmatic is known to be a bit confusing, so we’re having Criteo’s Ned Samuelson and Hanapin’s Bryan Gaynor take an hour to discuss the ways you can utilize programmatic to build brand awareness and create fantastic content around your product and services.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of leveraging first party data and using behavioral and intent audiences
  • How GDPR has vastly increased the need for brand awareness – and how you should respond
  • How to develop strong relationships with your target audience without solely relying on cookie-based 3rd party and 1st party audiences






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