Million Dollar Case Study: Launch Strategies

In this episode, we cover Amazon product launch strategies. What goes into Amazon page rank? We cover Steps 1 and 2 of our 3-Step Amazon Product Launch Strategy Missed an episode? See them all here. We’re covering all of this today in our 12th episode of the Million Dollar Case Study. Watch the video, keep reading and don’t forget to claim your EXCLUSIVE MDCS Jungle Scout discount! Subscribe to the Million Dollar Case Study list here, so you never miss an episode!  Before you get started, if you’re not already using Jungle Scout, you’ll need to get a Jungle Scout subscription to follow along with us and complete your product research. To help you out, we’ve put together a Jungle Scout discount code that gives you more than 30% off Jungle Scout – both the Web App and Chrome Extension! Plus, you get a pretty fantastic FREE t-shirt to go with it. Welcome Back to the Million Dollar Case Study! Want to make it to the top of Amazon search results? That’s what everyone wants to know! I’ll be sharing my three-step product launch strategy, starting today with Steps One and Two. We’ll tackle Step Three on next week’s episode. … Read More

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