Not Just Another AI and Machine Learning Discussion [Submit Your Questions to the Pros!]

We’re tired too. Tired of the same ol’ same ol’ conversations about AI and machine learning. Everyone’s talking about it, but they’re mostly predictions; speculations; theoretical discussions. Time to bring some actual substance to the topic, right?

On January 10th, 2019 at 1:00pm EST, we’ll be hanging out with the pros of the pros – Brad Geddes of AdAlysis, Marc Poirier of Acquisio, and Jeff Allen of Hanapin Marketing – to talk AI and machine learning. And while they have some amazing, cutting edge thoughts about how to discern good AI from bad AI, and how to know if AI is really necessary for a certain task, we want to hear from YOU!

We want to know all (and we mean ALL) the questions you have about AI and machine learning. Everything on your mind. The trio of greatness will walk through some thoughts they have about the topic, and then dive into the answers to YOUR questions. We’ll close the question portal on January 7th.

Whaddya waiting for? SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS.

See you on the webinar!


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