Seller Strategies: Improving Conversion Rates

In this blog post, Maria Galindo and Ervin Ong share their best tips and tricks for Amazon FBA seller success. Topics discussed include: Conversion rates and unit session percentage explained How to improve conversion rates What is Splitly? How to hack the “Frequently Bought Together” section Missed an episode? See them all here. We’re covering all of this today in episode 20 of Seller Strategies: Improving Conversion Rates. Watch the video, keep reading and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss an episode! Welcome to Seller Strategies! In today’s episode, we’re going to share with you two strategies to help you improve your conversion rate (aka unit session percentage) on Amazon. And as a bonus, we will share a secret hack on how you can dominate the “Frequently Bought Together” section of Amazon. Conversion Rates and Unit Session Percentage explained Amazon spends millions, if not billions, a year optimizing their conversion rates on their platform. So naturally, they expect us to be able to sell as much as we can in order to bring them more revenue and satisfy their customers. If you look at your business reports, they actually refer to this as the “Unit … Read More

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