Amazon Seller Stories: Meet Morgan Rainey

Every day Amazon sellers are building businesses from the ground up, crushing their goals, and building the freedom they want for their lives. These are their stories.     Meet Morgan Rainey! BASED IN: Louisiana, USA SELLING SINCE: 2017 Like Jungle Scout’s Greg Mercer, Morgan started her selling career early. At age 13, she decided to give arbitrage a go, visiting garage sales with her mom, taking any products the sellers were giving away and turning those freebies into cold, hard cash by selling them on eBay. Now, after two years of side-hustling as an Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) seller, she’s freed herself from her 9-to-5 job and is projecting to close out the year with $1 million in sales. But why make the move from arbitrage to private label selling? Well, over time, Morgan realized she didn’t know the true value of the items she was reselling. To educate herself, she began putting more effort into product research. Enter Jungle Scout. “We are projecting 1 million in annual sales. The growth has been greater than anything we could have dreamed of”. Using the Jungle Scout software, along with advice from our free resources page, our blog, and our Youtube channel, Morgan … Read More

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