Amazon Unboxing Episode 4: Golden Plastic Cutlery

It’s week four of our Amazon Unboxing Series, with Joel and Adam, and this episode’s product is exciting! Are you subscribed to Amazon Unboxing? Stay updated whenever a new episode and content is released by signing up for free here >>>   This time around, Joel and Adam are tearing down a listing for Golden Plastic Cutlery. However, since this video was filmed in August, 2018, the data looked much different than it does now. At the time of filming, this product was selling $15,000 worth of cutlery every month. They had approximately 600 sales in a 30-day period, and only 26 reviews! Now, both the product and listing have changed. For some reason they changed the name on the packaging, as well as the packaging itself. More importantly, though, is that its number of reviews has gone up, while its sales have gone down. It now has around 130 reviews, and instead of $15,000 in revenue per month, they’re bringing in around $5,000. Not that that’s anything to look down on! Plus, the dip in sales might be due to the seasonality of the product. And historically, January is a slow month for parties. You can verify that sales trend … Read More

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