The US Government Shutdown is Over. What Does That Mean For Your Amazon Business?

Friday, the US President agreed to reopen the US federal government for three weeks, while negotiations continue following the historic 35-day government shutdown. Naturally, we’ll be feeling the repercussions of the shutdown for months, if not the entirety of 2019. Amazon sellers will feel those consequences too, especially those importing goods from overseas. Here’s how the US government shutdown may affect your Amazon business, and what you can do to prepare and protect yourself. 1 – Clearing customs may take more time. According to Arent Fox: “A government shutdown affects more than just [Customs & Border Protection] import operations. Other agencies — such as the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the United States Department of Agriculture, etc. — also have their import monitoring or import documentation processing operations affected. In fact, a shutdown of these activities could lead to cargo processing delays, as these agencies have “release and hold” authority over shipments independent of CBP.  CBP may use its discretion to process some cargo in the interim.” Despite the reopening of the government, there will still be a backlog of goods and services needing to go through customs. At this time of … Read More

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