Amazon Unboxing Episode 5: Dish Drying Rack

Safe to say, we’re not all blessed with dishwashers. So, our Amazon Unboxing product this week is a basic kitchen necessity for many: a dish drying rack. What’s it going to be this week, judges?! Pass or Fail? Let’s find out! Are you subscribed to Amazon Unboxing? Stay updated whenever a new episode and content is released by signing up for free here >>>   Our judges found this incredible opportunity by using Jungle Scout’s Database, included with all web app subscription levels. They set the filters to high monthly revenue ($20K) and a low number of reviews (<60). When this dish rack popped up, they ran with it! So what do we know about the drying rack? Well, we know this particular item from iSPECLE sells 700+ units per month. We also know it has a mere 58 reviews. That’s $18,000 in sales with hardly any customer approval! *Although this video was filmed in August 2018, the current data still shows 600+ units per month with over $17,000 in sales. That’s an impressively steady command of sales over an extended period of time. Potential Improvement #1: Bullet Points At first glance, this listing is attractive. But, after taking a closer … Read More

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