Do You Suffer from Analysis Paralysis? How to Overcome this Common Condition.

Analysis paralysis. It happens to us all. Even Greg Mercer – Amazon FBA seller and Jungle Scout guru – will probably tell you that he suffers from analysis paralysis every now and then. And he has around 200 SKUs (aka. products) on Amazon! What is analysis paralysis? Analysis paralysis is a common condition whereby someone has difficulty making a decision. It happens to people when they play certain board games, unable to decide their next move (just build the town on the clay pit, already, Karen!). Kids get it at the ice cream shore, when they have 30+ flavors to choose from. And Amazon sellers are stricken by it when they can’t decide which product to private label. Is analysis paralysis a bad thing? Yes and no. Sometimes analysis paralysis can save you from making poor decisions. For example, people who couldn’t choose between the numerous cryptocurrency options available in 2017 are probably glad they could never make a choice; especially when Bitcoin, Ethereum, et al. crashed in late January, 2018. But there are times when analysis paralysis can stop you from moving forward in your life. Dragging one’s feet when researching products to sell on Amazon is a perfect example. If … Read More

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