Amazon’s Expansion in the Middle East

The signs were there, back in 2017, when Amazon acquired the Dubai-based e-commerce giant (the Middle Eastern equivalent of for $580 million. It looked like Amazon was planning to expand. Now, less than two years later, Amazon is confirming those earlier suspicions. They’re extending their international reach by opening a brand new marketplace: Amazon Middle East. Taking the lead in launching this new store is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Starting early this year, the AWS Region team will build out the infrastructure needed to get Amazon up and running in Bahrain. By introducing these mega data centers and resources, Amazon is prepping to support a new wave of innovators, and the growth of new businesses. What does this mean for third-party sellers? Well, the most obvious benefit is that there is now one more marketplace to choose from, if you’re thinking about expanding globally. Amazon is even encouraging some of the largest third-party sellers in North America to take a chance and head east. Whether they are providing any incentives to make that move, however, remains to be seen. The expansion also means that sellers currently using the Souq e-commerce platform might not be able to do so when Amazon Middle East opens. … Read More

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