Seller Strategies: Should You Launch Your Product With Amazon PPC?

Welcome to episode one of Seller Strategies! In this episode, Maria Galindo and Ervin Ong shared the tips and tricks that helped them become successful Amazon FBA sellers. In it, we covered the following: How Maria lost $700, but learned a valuable lesson. Should you launch your product with Amazon PPC? The importance of product reviews and keyword relevancy. So, get comfy, watch the video, then keep on reading! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! That way you’ll never miss an episode: If you have missed an episode, you can watch all of them on YouTube. Welcome to Seller Strategies! When people first start out, almost everyone makes a mistake or two. Even successful Amazon sellers get tripped up. But Maria knows firsthand that mistakes are a blessing in disguise. She lost $700 on one of her first product launch, yet the valuable lesson she learned was worth so much more! The Launch. As Maria was getting ready to launch her product on Amazon, she read that you had to start running Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) as soon as your listing became active. There seemed to be a consensus online; PPC was just one of those things … Read More

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